Partnering in the Pain

Just a short post today.

In the last few days, I have had four different friends from three different states open up with me about the struggles they’re having, ranging from break-ups to loneliness, joblessness to homelessness, school stress to post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.  It seems like heartache is par for the course these days amongst my circle (and beyond, too, no doubt).

I’m doing what I can, and we’re all hanging on the best we know how.  Perhaps what we can take away from this period of hardship is the practice of burden-sharing, learning to be there for each other.  I know I get so sick of my own problems–sometimes it gets easier to take on someone else’s for a while.

Let’s become a generation of pain partners.  Let’s help shoulder the hurt.  It involves being able to recognize pain in yourself and in others, then having the heart to enter into that pain and share it–I’m learning what this looks like.

How can you help someone in who might be struggling today?