I just got back from vacation on Saturday.  I was off the grid for about a week, and it was so wonderful.  For five of the days, I was floating in the Caribbean on a big ol’ ship with some fascinating, like-minded creatives.  I fed on the wisdom of some excellent speakers and took a LOT of notes.  I had every intention of writing some truly deep blog entry about it, but I think I’m still processing.  I’m a little overwhelmed, but I had to get something out there because one of the things I’m taking away from this week is the idea that “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly the first time just to get started.”

That being said, while combing through my notes, I found a little something I had written a little over a year ago that still resonates with this sort-of-lost yet (maybe you’ll see it) sort-of-hopeful feeling that hangs around me…


My Accident (written 3/1/10)

I had just been thinking about
my lack of direction for the future
and how maybe that was God’s way
of telling me that I was meant to
die young
my tires slipped
and my car
spun on black ice.
The wheels cut black
gashes across
the snow in the median.

Sitting in that ditch,
shaken to my core and still gripping
the wheel in a white-knuckled grab,
I realized Bright Eyes, ‘Arc of Time
was playing on my iPod.

Surrounded by speeding cars, snowdrifts,
wind and woods,
I realized how much
I did not want to die to a song
I didn’t even know the words to.


I will update soon with my take on the cruise/conference after I spend a bit more time reflecting on it.  I promise.